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Menjadi Keluarga Kerajaan Allah Yang Memenangkan Jiwa-Jiwa Dan Berdampak Bagi Dunia


1. Memperkuat keluarga inti sesuai dengan Firman Tuhan

2. Membangun komunikasi yang dewasa dan terbuka

3. Membangun gaya hidup doa, pujian dan penyembahan bersama-sama

4. Memperlengkapi dan membina pengerja dan jemaat untuk memiliki gaya hidup Kerajaan Allah

5. Menjawab kebutuhan sosial lingkungan dimana gereja lokal berada

Nilai Gereja: IKRAR

I: Integritas
K: Keintiman
R: Rendah Hati
A: Antusias & Inovatif
R: Rela Berkorban

Vision & Mission Bethel Indonesia Church Jl. Gatot Subroto

On 4 September GBI worship service Jl. Gatot Subroto (formerly GBI Bethany) was held.


Containers begin to open. The Church moved strongly in the anointing of worship & worship. By mid 1993 there were 16 churches standing. Pioneering years. God wants the establishment of a church that has a pattern: hold several Praise & Worship services, after further confirmation, establish the church in that place / town.

The Lord gives a vision in Isaiah 54: 2-3, "Lay down the place of your tents, and stretch out your tents of residence, do not save them; Lift your tents and strike your marks firmly. For thou shalt expand to the right to the left, thy seed shall gain the nations, and shall inhabit cities of silence. "

The year 1994 was the year of fulfillment of the vision that God gave in 1993 in Isaiah 54: 2-3 became the main theme. This year is the year of preparation:

• Preparing Forces of Intercession

• Starting a fasting prayer every Saturday (beginning on 5th March)

• Preparing Family Altar (cell group)

This year the Prayer Forces began to be formed.

God gives a vision in Isaiah 56: 7, "I will bring them to my holy mountain, and I will delight in the house of my prayer. I will accept the burnt offerings and their sacrifices offered on my altar, for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. "

The House of Prayer's vision becomes the main theme. God wants His people to be a house of prayer. Sermons and prayer seminars are held.

Year 1997 is the year of mission and evangelism. Prof. Peter Wagner an expert on the growth of the church concluded in a book that the most effective church growth is to open new churches. (These new churches are "prayer houses" / prayer bases). The May 1997 incident that shook the city of Jakarta made the people increasingly a prayer house. In the middle of the year we began to form prayer camps. Prayer camps were formed in cell groups (FA) for the local RT / RW / Ward area defense, to occupy and win the territory for Christ and make the House of Prayer congregation. The prayer camp is compact and flexible. From one cell group (FA) can be formed 2 or 3 prayer camps.

Reaping in love.

God gives seven strategies of harvesting:

• Unity

• Pay attention to the shortcomings

• Praying for the nations

• Do not be afraid

• Go, step on, collect people and pray

• Many are silent and pray

• Being a disciple of Christ

• Prayer becomes the beginning and priority for the harvest.

In 1998 the Tower of the Tower (Watch Tower) began pioneered establishment. Convocation of prayer in Jerusalem  1998 attended by nations, concludes that without the Prayer Tower (24-hour prayer house) there will be no harvest. September 1998 we started with a 24-hour Prayer Tower housed in BHS building, 25th floor, Gajah Mada - Kota.

God's guidance is:

• Prepare the ark of life

• Tower of Prayer (high place, intimate 24 hours, unity)

Entering this year begins with 40 days of fasting prayer. God wants to enter the rest / stop and think of things above rather than on earth.

There are 3 things to watch out for this year:

• Massive soul harvesting

• Great shock

• Live just in case

Target of harvest: Bani Kedar and Nebayot (Isa 21: 13-16).

The pattern of harvest in the end times:

• The glory of God filled His church (Eph. 5: 18-21, John 17:21)

• Pray, Praise & Worship

• Rise and become light (Isa 60: 1)

• Have the thoughts and feelings of Christ (Phil 2: 5)

• God will come down before all the nations so that they may have fear of God

This year's vision is "The year of multiplication, the Year of Miracles, The Year Nothing is impossible for believers", for those of us who have done what is best, sitting at the feet of Jesus like Mary to hear what God says. Sitting still at the feet of Jesus means waiting for God. In Isaiah 40:31, "... those who wait on the Lord shall gain new strength: they are like an eagle ...".

Jerusalem Convocation Messages 2001: Deeper Intimacy (more intimate with God).

Worthy paradise, intimate living with God becomes the main thing, in Revelation 2: 1-5, the Lord again reminds us of the first love that we may experience the early rain and the latter rain, ie those who are so thirsty and hungry for righteousness, constantly hunting God's presence, hunting God's word and responding to it. We also get God's promise in 1 Corinthians 2: 9, "... what the eye never sees, nor is it heard by the ears, and which never arise in the heart of man: all that God has provided for those who love him "

The Reaping of the Souls of Thousands of thousands, the three weapons of God that we must use to enter the harvest of thousands of thousands of souls, as in Revelation 5: 8-12, which consists of falling to worship the Lord Jesus; Prayer, Praise and Worship; Sing a new song, as in Psalm 40: 4.

Year 2003 is the year of declaration Transformation for Indonesian nation and year of visit of God. As in Joel 2:23, "O people of Zion, rejoice and be glad in the LORD your God! For He has given you the rain at the beginning of the season with justice, and He sends you rain, the rain at the beginning and the rain at the end of the season as before. "The Lord has spoken and promised a Transformation for Indonesia, and in Deuteronomy 11: 13-14 , "If you earnestly listen to the commandment I am giving you today, so that you love the LORD your God and worship him with all your heart and with all your souls, He will give rain for your land in its day, the first rain and so that you can collect your grain, your wine and your oil. "We will build a House of Prayer for all the peoples of Bukit Sentul, which will impact the TRANSFORMATION OF INDONESIA.

God's Vision of 2004, Prepare The Way For The King Of Glory. To prepare for the coming of the King of Glory we must be more earnest with the Lord, according to the Lord's message in 2 Peter 3: 11-12, "... how holy and godly you should live that you are waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God ..."

The 2005 vision is the Year of Church Awakening.

The vision of 2006 is the Year of Church Testimony, Evangelism, Miracles, Victory, Spiritual Warfare.

The 2007 vision is the Year of Spiritual War, Healing, Miracles, Repentance.

The vision of 2008 is the Year of Miracles and Healing

The vision of 2009 is the Year of Miracles and Creative Healing

The vision of 2010 is the Year of Recovery and Abundance

Vision year 2011 is Year of Multiplication and Promotion

The vision of 2012 is the Year of Multiplication and Promotion for God's Favor

The vision of 2013 is the Year of Full Recovery - Entering the Next Level (The Year of Restoration To Wholeness) 1 John 2: 6

The vision of 2014 is the year of the doors of the miracles (The Year of God's Opening Doors for Miracles).
Revelation 3: 8

The vision of 2015 is the Year of Multiplication of Miracles (The Year of Multiplication for Miracles)
Ephesians 3:20 & Acts 2: 19-20

Vision 2016 is the Year of Total Deliverance (The Year of Total Deliverance)
Luke 4:18, 19 & 21

The vision of 2017 is the Year of Miracle Harvest (The Year of Miracle Harvest)
Joel 2: 28-32